Nihlist Penguin

Watch a clip from this philosophical nature documentary to get your students thinking and speaking. Activity includes discussion tasks.

Werner Herzog’s documentaries are usually centered around incredible human and natural stories. His visually-striking footage and insightful narration make his documentaries perfect for students to practice their listening skills. This is a clip from the documentary 'Encounters at the End of the World' , where we see a penguin seemingly commit suicide. The students will watch the clip of the penguin heading to its death and answer the questions below. There are some discussion questions after.

Multiple Choice Quiz

1. Which historical figure is NOT mentioned?

2. Where were the penguins heading?

3. How far away were the mountains?

4. Which one of the words was NOT used to describe the penguin

5. What are the rules for humans for the penguins?


  • Did the penguin knowingly walk to its death or did it get confused?
  • Are animals capable of being depressed/suicidal?
  • Should the scientists and filmmakers have intervened to help the penguin?